a-mag water truck `aqua-mat 8-22`and `aqua-mat 8-16`


´aqua-mat AM 8-22` Our fast and top-class performance - water truck


The ´aqua-mat 8-22` can be used for pre-treatment, follow-up-treatment and the direct injection in the road construction process. Other uses range from fire fighting to planting of embankments.


Can also be ordered as the model `aqua-mat 8-16`,which is a very compact three-axle-vehicle with a capacity of 16 t





Fast refilling from any open water like rivers, lakes and streams through a 4 m3/min fluidpump – 22 t water in 6 minutes. Powerful suction - up to 9m height from bridges or embankments are no problem. A reliable filter system protects the tank from foreign matter..



The spraying width can be continuously regulated between 0 to 17m from the driver´s cabin. An exact dosage of water to rejuvenate roads, slip roads and motorways is therefore possible. Consequently it does not waste water and the daily power consumption and therefore the daily running costs are optimized. The water can be dispensed when driving forward or whilst reversing.


Other usage

Water can be dispensed through the front nozzle and / or the side nozzle. The solidified area has the follow-up-treatment without having to be driven on.


Vehicle overview

The driver can always see the nozzles in his field of vision enabling control and adjustment at all times. As an optional extra a reversing monitor is available which helps manoeuvring without a banksman.


Road legal site machinery and truck unit in one

Using the ´aqua-mat 8-22` reduces cost: it has been designed as a working vehicle and drives - like our `conti-spreader® CS 6-15` - as a road legal vehicle.. The `aqua-mat 8-22`and the `conti-spreader® CS 6-15` are capable of 88 km/h and therefore universally usable. The machine saves considerable costs for the employer, additional vehicles to get to and from site are no longer required.. A low centre of gravity and special baffles in the tank provide safe vehicle dynamics.


Optional equipment

Wide low pressure- and low profile tyres for high traction in terrain leaving minimal tyre imprint. This enhances off-road-ability in sandy areas.

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